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Ethical Sourcing

Pampillonia Jewelers is committed to make socially and environmentally-responsible choices. In the jewelry industry where a large portion of products come from the Earth, the Pampillonia family believes that using recycling metals and diamonds is one of the most important steps we can take in protecting our environment.

We do not buy  from mining companies. All platinum and gold used by Pampillonia is 100% recycled Harmony Metals

In most cases diamonds over .50 carats used in jewelry made by Pampillonia  are recycled. We purchase previously owned diamonds from individuals and estates. We than re cut these diamonds to modern standards.

All diamonds offered for sale by Pampillonia Jewelers that are not recycled have been purchased from legitimate sources. These sources are not involved in the funding of conflict and are in compliance with both the Kimberly Process

Pampillonia was cited by Global Witness in 2004 has being only one of a very few jewelers that maintained a comprehensive policy toward conflict diamonds.

Jewelry purchased from Pampillonia is your guarantee that your diamonds are conflict free and your gold and platinum are environmentally-responsible.

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