Bulgari Ancient Phoenicia Coin, Emerald and Diamond Necklace

Passionate about incorporating features of Rome’s Imperial glory into its designs, Bvlgari began mounting ancient coins into its jewelry as early as the 1960’s. Showing women just how alluring a 2.000-year-old coin can look when combined with a bold, contemporary setting.
♦ Designer: Bulgari
♦ Coin Tyre. 126/5 BC-AD 65/6. Silver Shekel measuring 1 inch
♦ Metal: 18 karat
♦ 16 Diamonds=.32
♦ 12 Emeralds=.40
♦ Cab emerald 1 carat
♦ 135 grams
♦ 17 inches
♦ Packaging: Pampillonia presentation box
♦ Condition: Excellent , pre-owned, cab emerald is slightly abraded
♦ Price: Based on the market, prices are updated, guaranteeing the best and most competitive possible price.

The Shekel of Tyre was the main silver coin used in Judea during the time of the Temple and the New Testament. The coin used for the yearly one-half shekel donation to the Temple, and the infamous “30 pieces of silver” for which Judas betrayed Jesus, are both references to the Silver Shekels of Tyre. Its bold design of the god Melkart – the patron deity of the Phoenician city of Tyre — dominates the coin’s obverse. The coin’s reverse depicts an eagle perched on the prow of a ship, symbolic of the city’s status as a major port city located on what is today the southwest coast of Lebanon.
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