estate diamond engagement rings

Purchasing an estate diamond engagement ring can be a great option providing the wearer is comfortable with a ring that has been previously owned.
Estate jewelry offers the style and design of a previous time and may also represent a good value.

Determining the value is based the diamond size and quality as well as the condition and design of the ring. Most diamonds cut more than 10- 20 years were cut to less stringent cut standards then today. These diamonds typically sell for 20-40% less then a diamond cut today standards. Once these factors are fully explained an older cut diamond can be a good alternative.

The ring setting is a very important consideration. If the ring has a lot of wear or damage it will eventually need to be replaced with a new one. There maybe more risk a diamond becoming dislodged or lost. It is important that the setting be thoroughly inspected. Settings in good condition typically sell for 50-60% less then a new one.

A period item such as an Art Deco or Edwardian setting in very good condition is quite rare and sells at a premium.

Before purchasing any estate diamond engagement ring ask questions. What is the cost of the diamond verse the setting? What is the condition and age of the setting? What is the grade and quality of the cut of the diamond?

An estate diamond engagement should only be purchased from a reputable jeweler who specializes in antique and estate jewelry and has the knowledge and expertise to fully explain all your concerns

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