Gem Burma 5.72 Carat Non Heated A.G.L Sapphire and Diamond Ring

This exquisite piece represents a splendid marriage of craftsmanship, history, and the finest gemstones. It features an exceptional royal blue Burma Sapphire, weighing an impressive 5.72 carats, expertly cut into a cushion shape and certified by the American Gemological Laboratories (AGL) as a pristine, untreated specimen, showcasing its natural beauty in all its glory.

Accompanying this exceptional sapphire are two equally mesmerizing antique cushion-cut diamonds, with a combined weight of 2.84 carats. These diamonds possess impeccable color grades, with G and D color classifications, and exhibit outstanding clarity at the VS2 level, as certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

The journey of these three remarkable gems began with their discovery in a 19th-century antique ring. While the ring itself could not be salvaged, the gems within it were given new life. They were entrusted to the skilled hands of Pampillonia’s master jewelers, who meticulously polished, certified, and expertly set them in a timeless platinum ring setting.

Crafted in luxurious platinum, this classic three-stone ring is not only a testament to Pampillonia’s artistry but also a showcase of these extraordinary gemstones. With a ring size of 6, it awaits a discerning wearer who will appreciate the rarity and beauty of this remarkable jewelry piece, where history and craftsmanship converge to create a masterpiece of elegance and sophistication.

PRICE $97,850



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